HOW TO DEAL WITH CHANGES IN WORK AND LIFE - Who Moved My Cheese - Spencer Johnson

Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson


HOW TO DEAL WITH CHANGES IN WORK AND LIFE - Who Moved My Cheese - Spencer Johnson

Hey guys!!! I’m Ali and today's Article is on who moved my cheese written by an American physician Dr. Spencer Johnson this legendary book was published in 1998 it's quite a normal book has sold over 28 million copies worldwide translated in over 37 languages and remains as one of the best-selling business books up to this date. Little bit about him she was born in Water-town in South Dakota received Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of South California and his medical degree. He was then later employed by the Harvard Business School and John F Kennedy School of Government so before proceeding further for those who want to read this book on your own you'll be a spoiler so don't watch this video but if you want to know the gist of this book it's a perfect one for you so this book we'll start off by stating the conclusion of the book to set direction and will continue to list an important point stated in the book so let's get started the books about how we all need to expect adopt and enjoy changes by using the route or characters of sniff and scurry the mice and Hem and Haw.

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there are four characters in who moved my cheese story

Long ago in a large maze, there lived four characters Two of them were rats. their names are sniff and scurry. The remaining two characters were two little men. Whose names are hem and haw! They all may be different in every aspect but they all had one thing in common. They loved "cheese" and also it was very important for them to live and be happy. So, every day they used to wear their running shoes and run in the maze looking for cheese. One day they all arrived at a cheese station C! On reaching there they saw a lot of cheese and were very happy that they finally found it. Sniff and scurry removed their running shoes and tied them around their necks, in case if they might need them again. They used to wake up early every morning and come to the cheese station running. 

They always measured the amount of cheese in case they might know if it is getting to end. In the beginning hem and haw also used to run to the cheese station C every morning as they were excited about the tasty cheese. but as time passed, they started getting up late, running a lot slower and reaching there in a relaxed way. they did not know who put the cheese there or where it came from. They felt that it was theirs, as they have found it and believed that they have cheese enough for a life time for both of them. Haw was so happy that he even wrote on the wall That "having cheese makes you happy" But as sniff and scurry measured the cheese regularly, they observed that it was getting decreased every day. So, what happened next is One day when sniff and scurry reached the station. There was no cheese there. All the cheese was over They did not waste time over worrying as they already anticipated it. They tied their shoe laces and ran away in to the maze in search of new cheese. Later that day as Hem and haw reached the station. they were shocked to find the cheese missing.. Hem shouted "what! No cheese?" it's just not fair!! Who took my cheese?" Haw was just standing there in silence in shock, he made many future plans based on the cheese and now there was no cheese. 

They searched the cheese less station C hoping that there would be some cheese left. Later Haw said that "hem, maybe we need to go and search for new cheese in the maze" Hem said "No! I am not coming. this is unfair. I want my cheese back. I feel it is hidden somewhere here "Then they started digging the ground in hope of finding the cheese. Haw again wrote on the wall " the more important your cheese is to you, the more you want to hold on to it " But no matter how much they searched they found no cheese. they became more weaker everyday due to hunger and stress. On the other hand, sniff and scurry moved a long way into the maze and one day they found a cheese station named N. It had a lot of cheese, they jumped in delight and started living near station N enjoying the cheese. But hem and haw became hopeless of their situation. Hem said" may be, we should just sit and wait. sooner or later they have to put the cheese back" Many days passed but it did not happen there was no cheese. Haw used to dream about going in to the maze and finding new cheese and deliciously eating it. 

One day he told that " ha-ha look at us hem we are doing the same thing every day and expecting things to happen differently, such a foil we are" Then he decided to go into the maze and told that "sometimes, hem, things change and they are never the same again. I think this is one of those times. that is life! Life moves on and so should we!!"After saying this he wrote on the wall "if we do not change ,we become extinct" and went away into the maze searching for cheese. The maze was very confusing and also he faced many difficulties in his path. but he found that it was not as scary as he imagined it to be! Whenever he felt down he motivated himself by thinking " what are my best chances offending the cheese? by sitting idle or by searching? He knew the answer so he wrote on the wall "once you get rid of your fears you feel free" You know what happened next? Haw later reaches a new cheese station and finds few pieces of cheese at the entrance. 

There were different kinds of cheese present there that he never knew existed. He ate some of them and filled his pockets with some of them to show to hem. but as he enters the station, he finds it empty with only small pieces of cheese here and there! He feels that "if I might have started searching earlier, I would have found that cheese!!He is now stronger after eating the cheese and goes back to cheese station C to bring Hem with him. He shows hem the types of cheese he brought and offers him to eat. Though Hem was hungry and sad he rejects it by saying I am only habituated to old type of cheese and I don't eat this new cheese. Haw gets frustrated he then writes on the wall" the sooner you get rid of the old cheese, the earlier you find the new cheese" and leaves in search of new cheese!!But this time haw was more confident and happier.

He wrote on the wall " love the adventure and enjoy the change" And then he moves on. One fine day at last he reaches the cheese station N and was shocked instantly at the amount and variety of the cheese that was present there.. he cursed himself for not changing earlier as he had missed this cheese all those days. he finds sniff and scurry there and was delighted to meet them He then eats the cheese until he is full and then he thinks of what made him find this new cheese station N and writes down the summary of all he learned on the biggest wall of cheese station N. 

This is what we can learn from this story and change our life’s Before summarizing the moral of the story let me clear one thing " for sniff and scurry the rat’s cheese is just food. but for hem and haw, cheese is not just food. it is many different things, for some it is having material things, for some it is having good health, for some it is good relationships, good career, good business etc. 

So, what we learn from the story is 

1) Change happens, they keep moving the cheese. Look friend life is always changing it never remains the same Change is not merely necessary to life, but it is life!

2) Anticipate change, get ready for the cheese to move. Changes very rarely occur all of a we always have time to adapt. So, observe things around you, and anticipate change before it occurs

3) Adapt to change quickly the sooner you get rid of old cheese, the earlier you find the new cheese.

4) Enjoy the change. Love the adventure and enjoy the taste of new cheese 

5) Be ready to change. Quickly and adapt to it again and again Because remember they always keep moving the cheese!!

6) Once you get rid of fear, you feel free! Imagine yourself at the peak of success, enjoying the taste of the delicious cheese. This takes away the fear of taking upon the adventure and failing in it. For this you can use the creative visualization technique.

You had already made a complete video on this technique. I will leave the link for it in the description and feel free to check that video after this. So, guys that's everything about changes that happen in our lives and how we should deal with them!! Only you can help yourself.

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Who Moved My Cheese Quotes (Quotes About Moving On)

“What would you do if you were not afraid?” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“The More Important Your Cheese Is to You the More You Want to Hold on To It.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“What you are afraid of is never as bad as what you imagine. The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“Sometimes, Hem, things change and they are never the same again. This looks like one of those times. That's life! Life moves on. And so, should we.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“He asked himself those some questions too many times and felt the fears again that kept him where he was” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“Being in the uncomfortable zone is much better than staying in the cheese-less situation.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“He knew sometimes some fear can be good. When you are afraid things are going to get worse if you don't do something, it can prompt you into action. But it is not good when you are afraid that it keeps you from doing anything.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“It is safer to search in the maze than to remain in a cheese less situation.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“When you stop being afraid you feel good.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“Life moves on and so should we.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“when you move beyond your fears, you feel free.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“The fear you let build up in your mind is worse than the situation that actually exists.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“Movement in new direction helps find new cheese.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“Better late than never.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“See what you're doing wrong, laugh at it, change and do better.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“If you do not change, you can become extinct!” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

“I guess we resist changing, because we are afraid of change.” 

― Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese

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